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Spotting in Early Pregnancy
ginan1016 posted:
A few weeks back I thought I had the flu. I had a stomach ache, headache, nauseous, and felt fatigue. Jokingly my husband told me to take a pregnancy test, 12/18. I did, and it revealed a faint positive.( Clear Blue) We didn't want to get overly excited just yet. So I waited and took another test the following morning. This one was a First Response, and that one too revealed a faint positive line. So I went into the Doctor on 12/21 and they did a urine test, Doctor came in and said, "probably not pregnant" I asked him why I would have gotten 2 faint positive. His response was that home pregnancy tests are not reliable. He ordered a blood draw for me at the hospital, which I never went to, as I got discouraged. He did say that it could be just very early in the pregnancy, or it could be an unhealthy pregnancy. This is my 3rd pregnancy, first 2 were healthy with no complications. So I tested again on Christmas Eve. The positive line this time was darker and obvious that I am pregnant. So I sat and tried to figure out about how far along I am. I believe I am in my 5th week, and was about 4 weeks at the doctor's office. I took a test again this morning, a Clear Blue digital, and the result was pregnant. Now here is the clincher, I started spotting on Sat 12/14/13, before I even suspected being pregnant. My period wasn't even due until 12/22/13. I have been spotting since 12/14/13 and it is mostly a brown staining. I use about 3-5 light pantie liners a day. Yesterday I notice the blood seemed a tad redder. I noticed one or 2 stringy like brown pieces on the pad. I woke up this morning, and the pantie liner I had put on last night before bed, was full with a brownish red blood. This is the fullest it has been. I wiped and the toilet paper was red with blood, but no internal tissue pieces were visible. I have no cramps, no clots, just spotting for 2 weeks now. I am very nervous, I am driving my husband crazy with all the worrying. I know from all the countless hours I have spent researching and reading, it says that if you bleed less than enough to fill a tampon or regular pad over 2 to 3 days time not to worry. I am not bleeding like a period at all. It is really light. I am just very concerned and scared I am going to lose the baby. Has anyone else bled for 2 weeks or more in their pregnancy and still had a successful live delivery?

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