Laughing Gas Returns?!
Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:
The age - old approach to "easing" the pain of childbirth with the use of nitrous oxide seems to be making a comeback. This morning's news included "laughing gas" as an option for laboring women, to help "distance themselves from the pain." Unlike the popular epidural, which blocks the pain, nitrous affects the 'perception' of the pain — so the pain doesn't "bother" her anymore.

Nitrous oxide is less invasive and inexpensive; I remain curious to see whether the medical community is prepared to go back in time. Stay tuned…

How about you? Would you choose to use "gas" as an option for pain management?

Sarah McMoyler RN
An_255200 responded:
My thighs hurt when i walk up the stairs and i get cramp like pain in my lower abdomen but i still haven't gotten my period, can this be a sign that I'm pregnant? I haven't got my period for a month now?

please I'm desperate Dr.