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When am I safe to start trying?
kaimemo posted:
Hello Everyone,

My boyfriend and I just decided to start trying to conceive. This isn't my first child, I'm mother to a 6 yr old. My first pregnancy was a complete surprise. When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked because of how irregular my period was then. I got pregnant in April 2007 but my last period before getting pregnant was in November 2006. I was on birth control for 6 months (since June 2013) and recently stopped taking them. My last active pill was on 01/18/14. During the previous pack I was on vacation and wanted to skip my period completely, so I skipped the inactive pills and started the new pack on 12/29/13. I started spotting on 01/01/14 and haven't stopped since. I had heavy flow on 01/23/14 and it lasted 2 days. The start of the heavy flow would be the day my period should start according to the pack I just finished. Now that I'm off the pills completely, my question is... When is it safe to start trying to conceive??

Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You can start trying right away though some doctors recommend waiting 2-3 non-birth control cycles so the pregnancy will be easier to date.

Also, remember that some women take a few months before they start ovulating after going off the pill so you may not have a period for a few months.
kaimemo replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thanks for the feedback kittycat1968. I'm very anxious but want to make sure I have a safe pregnancy if and when we do get pregnant.

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