BLeeding??Does it mean I lost my baby?
jgbarro posted:
Hi! I'm positive pregnant last 15th Jan.2014. Had my first ultrasound last 22nd January and the OB didn't see anything, she said it's too early maybe. After, i had these spotting, a red-brown color so i was alarmed and So I did preg test again (just to make sure) on 28th January and still came out positive. My OB just gave me medicine for the spotting, it stops for few days and back some days. On 28th January i had my 2nd ultrasound and exact day that i had a bleeding which is heavier than spotting. Near similar to a menstrual period. I was concerned, the OB said that they didn't see anything still in the ultrasound. So i started to panic. She can't really say that I had miscarriage as they don't see anything in the ultrasound. But the question was why I am bleeding?what's the reason for these? Please I need your opinion on this matter. i am on panic right now thinking i lost my baby.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You may have had a chemical pregnancy where the egg is fertilized and there is enough of the pregnancy hormone to get a positive but for whatever reason, the egg fails to implant.