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Need answers/opinions ASAP!
saholco posted:
4 weeks ago I miscarried at 9 weeks pregnant. A few days ago I notcied I was getting more and more nauseous, going to the restroom a lot more, I am moody and tired. And a little while ago I noticed when I went to the restroom that there was some tan/brownish discharge on the TP.

I took a HPT last night and the results were negative, maybe it was too early to test?? I am very confused, is this normal after a miscarriage or is there a possibilty that I could be pregnant again?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated :)
gina111183 responded:
So have you had your regular period?? Wait first of all Im so very sorry for your loss. When did you last have sex? Were you ovulating? Not sure if I have answers just trying to help u figure out wahts going on
lawhitaker responded:
You don't have to have a regular period between a miscarriage and pregnancy. I miscarried at 12 weeks and was pregnant a few weeks later....dd is now 18 months old :)

So, yes, there IS the possibility of being pregnant again. It's also possible you haven't gotten all the "preggo" hormones out yet, too. Good luck to you and I'm sorry for your loss.
gina111183 replied to lawhitaker's response:
Oh I have never been through that so I was unsure so lawhitaker let me ask you this is it normal to have cramping on just one side does that mean its going through the implantion time? My left side and my lower back is killing me and I dont know what it is thanks
saholco replied to gina111183's response:
No I haven't even had a period yet so I was thinking it may just my period, but my period NEVER starts like this. Oh I am so confused! I don't even know when I should try and take another test..
GigiSage replied to gina111183's response:
Gina - are you for sure pregnant with one side aching? If you suspect you are and one side hurts more then the other you need to get in to a see a doctor immediately. While it could just be an enlarged ovary (I had this when I got pregnant, it is from all the hormones in your body) it could also be something more serious like a tubal pregnancy.
GigiSage replied to saholco's response:
I am very sorry for your loss but after my miscarriage my first period was a little weird after it and then went back to normal.
Pamela11703 responded:
Well... I also had a mc , bled on Jan 6th and took a HPT on Feb 15th and got a BFP... I believe I am about 8-10 weeks pregnant but im not really sire of when I was ovulating because i never got a true period and I definantly never got back to my cycle.. So it is possible that you are pregnant.. I also had similiar discharge as you described. I would wait a week, try to test again and maybe call your doctor, see if they can test your levels..

best of luck, please keep us updated! :o)

Pamela (28), DH (31), Patrick Jacob (2-14-07), Ryan Joseph (4-20-08), Edd 10/2010?
saholco replied to Pamela11703's response:
It's my entire lower region that was hurting, now it's sort of crampy, not as bad as yesterday though.

That's really all I can do I guess is wait and see :( But I'll definatly let you know what happens!
Pamela11703 replied to saholco's response:
Okay good luck! :o)

Pamela (28), DH (31), Patrick Jacob (2-14-07), Ryan Joseph (4-20-08), Edd 10/2010?
lawhitaker replied to Pamela11703's response:
Sorry Gina, I don't know the answer to your question. Usually when you have a period, it's from one side or the other--so in theory your cramps are coming from one side or the other. As for implantation, I dont' know. I've never bled or had cramping during implantation. My current pregnancy happened AFTER I had my tubes cut, tied and burned and the only reason I KNEW I was pregnant was b/c I was repulsed by cooking dinner one night!!! LOL

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