Vitamin dos and dongs
teddysmom1976 posted:
Trying to conceive and have started taking prenatal vitamins. I am having some fertility issues and was told to take extra vitamin C? Also been taking vitamin D supplements for immune health. Also taking FertilAide. How do I know when I am taking too many vitamins? Am I doing more harm than good?
teddysmom1976 responded:
That should say Don'ts! Lol
trustme_imknowstuff responded:
If all of your vitamins were given to you from one physician, you are probably not taking too many. You should contact your doctor because your doctor will have the best answer for you. No one on this forum will know exactly what you are taking and how much of. Contact your doctor, that's the best answer I can give you.

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atti_editor responded:
Hi teddysmom1976,

Neasha is right that your doctor is the best person to consult about which vitamins and minerals you should be taking, but this chart on prenatal vitamins may be helpful to you. Also, this article cautions taking too many vitamins or minerals as there is the potential to harm your baby (too much Vitamin A for example may cause birth defects). Generally speaking, a prenatal vitamin has all of the vitamins and minerals a pregnant woman will need.

I think that talking with your doctor about the vitamins that you are taking and their possible effect would be a good idea. He/she can add medical perspective and possibly lend some advice -- you might ask about taking omega-3 fatty acids.

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trustme_imknowstuff replied to atti_editor's response:
Hi Atti,

Your advice is absolutely right! You said everything I said but better. @ teddysmom1976 Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in certain fish. Be careful, too much Omega fatty acids can be more harm than good. Did you ever speak with your physician concerning all the vitamins you are taking?

Best wishes!
teddysmom1976 replied to trustme_imknowstuff's response:
Thanks guys. I have an appt with my DR. Will be asking him then.