could i be pregnant?
An_256317 posted:
OK so in January and February I got my period on the 18th but in February it was a little not shorter than usual. This month I just started bleeding a little today and I have been crabby bloated had headaches and cramps for weeks now and three weeks ago had a little pink spotting that went away quickly... could I be pregnant? I also had a milky white discharge when I peed up until yesterday...I also had very vigorous sex 2 days ago...
trustme_imknowstuff responded:
Vigorous sex? Thats what us woman do. You may definitey be pregnant. I had ALL of those symptoms. How exciting?!! You are probably carrying a little baby inside of you! You need to start taking prenatal vitamins if you are not already. Go take a pregnancy test either a home test or at a clinic. And if you are not pregnant, don't be too down. Keep trying and you will have one!

Best wishes,