Ovulation kit question
charliekitty posted:
I just bought an ovulation kit and read the directions through. It says that you should start using the kit a certain amount of days after your period ends. I am about a week past that. Does that mean I really do have to wait until next month to use it, or I can I just jump in? I am pretty sure I don't ovulate that soon after my period ends, and I don't want to wait to use the kit, although I will if that's what is best.
Any ideas?
Pamela11703 responded:
I think you can just jump on... The reason it asks you to use it 5 days within the date of ending is because most women ovulate 14 days past first day of af. Best of luck

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charliekitty replied to Pamela11703's response:
See I am not a regular 28 day cycle woman. I am about 35-40 days. It says if your cycle is that long that you should start the day after your period ends. Based on an ovulation calender I have a good guess of when I will be ovulating, and I know what my ovulation signs are. Plus my husband and I talked about just having sex every other day!