could i still be pregnant?
An_256801 posted:
my last cycle started on 4/2/14 that was the normal 4 days long. i got birth control pills on 4/10/14 and took one pill on 4/11/14 around 7:30am. i havent taken anymore pills since then because i read that i had to start on the first day of my period. well, my longtime bf and i had unprotected sex on 4/12/14 around 1-2am. well today 4/18/14, i got what seems like a period. is there anyway that i can still get pregnant? did that one pill keep me from ovulating or because i took only one pill did i ovulate soon after that? any advice?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You actually don't have to wait until the first day of your period. You can use the quick start method which means taking the first pill at any time and using a back-up method of protection for the first month.

No, that one pill probably did not keep you from ovulating so it is possible you could be pregnant. Wait and see if your next period comes and if it's late by more than a few days, take a test.