My girlfriend has missed her period. Its been over a month and a week. Whats going on with her?
krystina94 posted:
She has been very emotional lately, also she has been taking extra trips to the restroom, feeling sick and nauseous, going #1 more than usual, having problems going #2. Her period has came every month for the last year and a half and all of a sudden it didn't come last month and hasn't came this month yet either. She has not taken a pregnancy test yet. She has an appointment next week to take one. I really wish she is pregnant We've been waiting for it to happen. What do you think is going on with her?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It could be pregnancy or it could be something else. Why does she have to have an appointment to take a pregnancy test? She can get one at any store, even the Dollar Store, and they're usually pretty accurate.
aileen83 responded:
Hi there, it could be pregnancy and for the mean time why don't you check when she last ovulated so that you will know the real deal. I have here a site that I will share with you to check on her last ovulation, this is just for free and very useful.