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Could I be Pregnant?
An_257597 posted:
I need to know if you can help me. I am a mom of two. Both my pregnancies were entirely different with both boys. lately I have been experiencing cramping on one side of my abdomen, sore/full breasts, major fatigue, face is breaking out, eating habbits changing, emotional rollercoaster, just that feeling I got when I found out I was pregnant with both boys. I took a test last Thursday and that came back negative. I am due for AF today. So far nothing, not even spotting. have the cramping. Is this usually when Implantation occurs also? could these be signs of implantation? With my first son I went in circles to find out I was pregnant. One night I took a test-neg. next morning test-pos. that day- two neg from doctor till I finally had a blood test and it was pos. I am worrying myself not knowing. my boyfriend and I do not use condoms nor am i on any birth control. we only pull out but how effective is that? and even if he pulls out in time can there still be that chance i can get pregnant? can someone please help me .
aileen83 responded:
Hi there, me and my hubby does not use anything during sex and he also pulls out and my daughter is almost six years old this year and I never got pregnant again. I think it really depends on a situation, as long as your boyfriend did not come inside you are definitely safe.
tlkittycat1968 replied to aileen83's response:
You are not safe even if your boyfriend does not come inside you. My husband and his ex used the pull-out method and that resulted in his son.

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