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An_257610 posted:
Hi, at 8 weeks I had a slight placenta detachment. The doc asked me to take duphaston once daily for a month. After a month everything went back to normal. On my 16 weeks I did the triple test,, and the result was I had a 1% risk for T21, the indirect coombs test was positive, I'm Rh positive, I took a shot before and after delivery of my previous 2 children. Tom I am going to do the amino test and a quantitative indirect coombs test. I am lost, and worried, I asked my dr to terminate the pregnancy but he said we have to wait for the amino result. What will happen to the baby coz of the Coombs test. I don't know what to do? Or what is best for me and the foetus.
atti_editor responded:

Here is some information on Indirect Coombs' Testing -- it says that a positive result only indicates that an Rh-positive fetus has a possibility of being harmed but cannot indicate the amount of harm that is likely to occur. I will be thinking of you and hope that your appointment went well.

webmed23 replied to atti_editor's response:
My amnio was fine,,waiting for the results in 3 weeks time,I had a detailed ultrasound before the amnio and the dr assured me .i also had a quantitative indirect coombs test,the result was also assuring. Hope everything goes well
atti_editor replied to webmed23's response:
Glad to hear your appointment went well! I hope that you also get assuring news at your results appointment in 3 weeks.

Best wishes,

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