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did my water break?
sarahjsharp93 posted:
I was having very non regular contractions yesterday, and this morning I woke up and my shorts I was sleeping in were soaked. It was so much that the bed or sheets got wet but enough that I had to change underwear and shorts. When I went to the restroom to clean up and wiped it looked like a clear hair gel or clear snot. I feel like I'm having menstrual cramps but no contractions today still. Put in a call to my ob just trying to not freak out while waiting for the nurse to call back.
atti_editor responded:
Hi sarahjsharp93,

Did you hear back from your OB's nurse? Here is some information on the signs of labor , including information on water breaking. It says that the fluid may be a large gush or a small trickle (as you may have experienced). It should not have a foul odor and should be clear. You did the right thing by calling your OB, as the article says that you should call your care provider immediately and describe the fluid and its characteristics. The link above has some more information on next steps and what to look for in case you have not gotten in touch with your doctor.


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