Am i pregnant, if ...? please advices are appeciated
sussi posted:
Hi everyone. I have a serious concerned. I been reading and everything but they all provide the same answer: "depends" ... Here is my situation: my fiancé came in my mouth (we have it done it a couple of time) however he was still aroused and i didn't swallowed immediately. So he pulled out and i still have his sperm on my mouth then he finger me and went inside me but i pushed him away when i remembered the issue just stated ...! Two days after my period came, which its generally around this time.. But im really worry if i might be pregnant. How accurate is it? Is it highly possible?? Please reply. Thanka
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Wait two weeks after you had sex then take a test. While some people can ovulate right before their period or even while on their period, it's not common.