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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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Missed period whole month soon to be.
ashley_snell123 posted:
Hi, my name is Ashley, I've been with my guy for 3 years now, he's actually I'm army . Um my period always bee irregular sometimes , but I'll be regular, but I had a period march-May , but I haven't had my period in June , I keep up with my periods , fertile and when I'm ovulating on this app I downloaded . I was currently on birth patch in March . I took it off in April, the first week. Well anyways , my period was suppose to start. On 20th of June but I haven't had any period cramps or nothing. I took a pregnancy test on the 21st and it came back negative . Was it to early to take one? Well I thought maybe it'll come 3 days late like May period did, but it didn't come at all this month. I'm waking up twice at middle of night peeing . And I'll pee bout 3 times in morning . Idk what to do. Afraid to take another test cause I've always wanted my own baby, I had 2 dreams bout me being pregnant , and bout me feeding my baby ! But idk if the dream is true ! Can somebody help me out please !
tlkittycat1968 responded:
If you've missed more than one period and are getting negative tests, see your doctor.

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