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Taking Prednisone During Third Trimester
An_220302 posted:
Hello! I was hoping to get some opinions on taking prednisone during pregnancy. I am 8 months, and today my doctor (not my OB) gave me prednisone to treat a pleural effusion that has stubbornly not wanted to go away. I do not know if this is safe to use while pregnant, and when I asked all she said was that there have not been official studies on the matter. I took it today (I like breathing!) but I am not sure I should be.

Thanks everyone!

imreddy responded:
I really don't know much about prednisone or the effects on an unborn child. You can do at home research by googling "prednisone pregnancy category." If it is a Category A or B drug, you should be fine. If it is a C or higher drug, call your OB/Gyn and ask them what they think.
GigiSage responded:
I would assume you have told your doctor you are pregnant and how many months you are (if it is not obvious by now LOL). If you have any worries about taking a prescription NOT given to you by your OB then you should call your OB's office OR you should raise concerns with the pharmacist who would also be able to tell you if it is safe to use or not. Their job is to catch those potential problems which is why you should keep your pharmacy updated with your health information and current medicines including supplements.
Jill_en responded:
I had to take that in my second tri. OB said it was fine as long as it was in small doses over short period of time which usual prescriptions are.
denvermegs responded:
I am 20 weeks pregnant and am on a 5 day dose of 20mg of prednisone.

I went to my doctor with a head cold/cough and allergies that wont go away for months (i thought it was just pregnancy rhinitis or pregnancy cold) I couldn't get much sleep because of coughing for about a week and so finally went to the doctor with this problem and they admitted me for 2 nights for acute asthma. ( I have never had asthma before)

I was told that if i look up prednisone online i would find it is not good to take. Then my doctor, nurse and the pharmacist all separately talked to me about what is said about prednisone and pregnancy.

I was told that it is not safe during the first trimester of pregnancy because of cleft palate and birth defects, and it is not good to take for prolonged periods of time during a pregnancy, but if you are in need of a steroid boost for your system to get it back on track it is more beneficial and helpful to be on this steroid than to not be.

For me it is better to take a 5 day course of 20mg once a day of the steroid prednisone and to help clear my lungs and control my asthma, than to not be able to breath and risk my baby not getting enough oxygen and possibly have major complications.

Two web sites i found with some information:
Observation studies suggest that prednisone may increase the risk of cleft palate or other similar birth defects. Because large, carefully designed studies have not been performed, the full risks of using prednisone during pregnancy are not known.
If your doctor said to use prednisone pills, you should do so. Once your symptoms are under control, you and your doctor can taper your prednisone down over a week or two.
Keishkeish replied to denvermegs's response:
Have you had your baby yet? If so was it ok? Im in my 3rd trimester and they put me on a 60mg dose for 5 days but I am really afraid. I was taking it right before I got pregnant then I stopped when I found out. But my condition has gotten bad so now they have requested that I start taking them but in as a shock doseage. I was just wondering what was the outcome.

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