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not having sex during early pregnancy?
An_220314 posted:
my girlfriend and i just recently found out were going to have a baby. she is 7 weeks along and her sex drive is gone. we went from having sex 2-3 a week to not having it at all is this normal?

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GigiSage responded:
It certainly can be normal. I didn't want sex until I was well into my 3rd trimester. I still cuddled and snuggled up to DH but I didn't want to be touched. Try to be understanding, she could be scared of having sex during pregnancy or just may not feel up to it. Show her that you love her and understand and let her know that if she wants to do something then you two certainly can but there is no pressure.
jlenn responded:
Sure it can absolutely be normal. Pregnancy is physically exhausting -- even in the first trimester. In the first tri, I was tired all the time (bone-deep tired like I have never been before) *and* suffering morning sickness. Sex was that absolute last thing on my mind. On the other hand, some women get more revved up and in the mood in pregnancy. It is different for every woman.

So, what matters is what your girlfriend is experiencing, not what random posters here or your friends, etc., say. Everyone has a different pregnancy experience. Respect what hers is, and don't pressure her. Find other ways to express love and closeness, support her, and know that yes, eventually you will be having sex again.
Sn0wWhiteQu33n responded:
unfortunately its normal. In the beginning of our pregnancy - we feel tiered, and sometimes unattractive. for the 1st 4months a major Lazy "I really don't feel like doing much of anything" hits us like whip lash waves. Now I didn't ignore my husbands urges, I still take care of my husband. Try doing things for her, like help her clean the house, do the dinner part in cooking, rub her feet and have her take a load off, a good oil massage and neck rubs and kisses always brings the best out of all of us, if you know what i mean. Just remember she is carrying a living human creature that is absorbing all of her food and energy and vitamins.
imreddy responded:
I agree with the other ladies - it is 100% normal. In fact, I went from wanting to have sex a couple/few times a DAY to forcing myself to WANT to have sex about every three days. DH has never been able to keep up, and during the first trimester, I was SO exhausted, he finally got a break. A lot of women will start getting their energy back in the second trimester, and most women are especially "randy" in the third. Unfortunately for me, I still just don't want it. I love the snuggling and all, but it still often seems like a chore. However, though your gf is tired, try talking to her about the situation, because she may not realize how significantly her sex drive has dropped. A healthy sexual relationship is key to a healthy emotional relationship.

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