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laughaloud posted:
im over 40 trying to get pregnant. they say i have pcos snd put me on clomid for 5 days. im not due for my period until march 28 but now have symptoms of pregnany ( sore breasts) but could also be pms. I go for a blood test tomorrow but not sure what they are checking for??? could possible hcg anyone experienced this?
GigiSage responded:
It sounds like they are going to test your progesterone levels to see if you have ovulated. They wouldn't check for hCG until you miss your period. I forget what the target numbers are for progesterone after ovulation but I do know the higher the better.

I will say, I have PCOS and losing as little as 10 lbs can make a huge difference in fertility treatments. Also a part of PCOS is high blood sugar (usually high end of normal) so if you start cooking like you have Type II Diabetes it can help lower your blood sugar. Also you can ask about Metformin, it is sometimes prescribed for PCOS. There is a support group for PCOS, I believe it is under Women's Health.
laughaloud replied to GigiSage's response:
thanks that makes sense. Actually I am not overweight and dont have any of the critera for pcos the only thing is the chain like follicles on my ovaries. Im guessing I probably just needed help with ovualtion. Thanks for the response!
GigiSage replied to laughaloud's response:
Its always hard to say what symptoms you will and won't have for PCOS. You can technically not have cysts and still have PCOS. There is a good support group though and you should check it out. I have a lot of the more classic symptoms but I have known girls that have had little to now symptoms. One of my good friends, her only symptom was that she stopped getting her period on a regular basis. She does have a few cysts but not like me. My ovaries look like they have bubbles on them.
laughaloud replied to GigiSage's response:
Its funny but I have regular periods, not overweight, labs are good, but have the pearl like ring around my ovaries. I have my blood drawn today so we will see if I ovualated, Thanks!

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