Broken pelvic bone in childbirth
An_251980 posted:
Twelve years ago my daughter was injured badly in childbirth. The baby was stuck in the birth canal and had an emergency C-section. After two months it was discovered that her pelvic bone had been broken and at that time, It was fused with metal plates by another doctor. She had another pregnancy after eight years (everything was fine). Now, she's pregnant at 32, and it having a lot of complications (pain in lower area of stomach, she's had bleeding first trimester). She's 14 weeks and still pains are consistent, especially when she stands on her feet pushing a cart all day (her job-LPN). Doctor has labeled her as threaten mis-carriage. She a single mother and is finding it hard to keep working with the complications of pregnancy. What could she do to keep afloat financially now and/if later? Are there any disability benefits she could receive for problems of not being able to work because of a broken pelvic bone? Thank you for any help.
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