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Shenzhen HOME Women's and Children's Hospital provides high-quality medical services and private health management for women and children. HOME has a long-term strategic collaboration with Partners Harvard Medical International(PHMI) and has technical support from Harvard Medical School-affiliated teaching hospitals, Boston female hospital, Boston children's hospital and Massachusetts general hospital.

American-style medical system

HOME Advocates topical drugs and physical therapy as care methods and uses Chinese treatment and behavioral medicine to cure sub-health and chronic diseases; this helps us to reduce the use use of Antibiotics and stop over-treatment.

American-style medical method

HOME has adopted the advanced standards and procedures of American-obstetrics and is equipped with a smart diagnosis and monitoring device, just to let you enjoy the most safe and scientific medical services. Furthermore, to ensure accuracy and safety, the surgical plans and equipment comply with the JCI standards and requirements.

Scientific Control by "Risk Database"

Shenzhen HOME Women's and Children's Hospital has the right to use PHMI's medical Risk Database. We have the best method to deal with risks and implement JCI standards for hospitals and also implement nation standards to reduce infection risks through an established infection control coordination mechanism.

HOME Website:http://en.hm91.com/
Online Consultation:http://www.hm91.com/hm2011swt/zwfb/
Tel: 0755—33919133
Address :Nantou Ancient City, Shennan Road, Nanshan District,Shenzhen
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