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An_218283 posted:
Im 19 yrs old and pregnant. i got very dehydrated two weeks ago, and when i went to the dr they did a quick vaginal ultrasound to make sure the baby was ok. the baby looked healthy and could see the heartbeat, they had to really poke around to get a clear pic. i got a couple bags of iv fluid and was good. exactly a week later i got very dehydrated again because my morning sickness last all day everyday and i can not hold anything down, but this time i was hospitalized for 3 says while being rehydrated. when i was in the hospital the nurse came in and ask how far along i was and i told her 8 weeks, and she said my blood showed to be over 9 weeks. the day i was released the dr told me that my hcg level was over 129000 and was high. as i have told a few people this they all said im having twins. my first ob visit isnt for a long time and i just need to know. since my ultrasound said im not as far along as my blood says i am and the dr said there is alot of room for baby growth, ive had extreme morning sickness, and my levels were so high that there is a chance i could be chaving twins even though the ultrasound they gave me at the dr showed only one?
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USMCvixen responded:
The high levels of HCG and the extreme morning sickness is a sign for carrying twins. It is possible to not see a twin until your farther along and can get an external ultrasound.
good luck
Therhry responded:
Hi. Keep your fluid levels up regardless of the fact that you cannot keep anyting in. Take vitamin B as well as this helps with the nausea and vomiting as well as Ginger Tea or Pepperment Tea. It is natural and perfectly safe for you and the baby or babies. Get your Ob/GYN to prescribe something safe for you.

Very often a twin will lie behind the other one and it cannot be detected on u/s until much further into your pregancy - at like 20wks. Or you could indeed be much further along than what your scan shows right now. As you said they had to poke around quite a bit so it's quite possible that your uterus is lying quite far back which is normal. I've had six kids and am having my 7th and my doc couldn't see the baby clearly at 10wks!

Also, I had a colleague at work who was constantly throwing up in her first trimester - same as you. Her doc gave her something for it and she was just fine. Morning sickness can be very severe in some women and I really don't think it's a sign that you're pregnant with twins. I've never heard of that before actually!

Take it easy and don't stress, but just ask your doc about it and hopefully he/she can give you something to take for it.
An_218284 responded:
Your HCG levels and morning sickness usually go hand in hand. I am pregnant with my 4th child and I have had ultrasounds early in my pregnancy on 3 of the 4. The most accurate sonogram you can have to determine your due date is in your first trimester, even if you have another sonogram at your normal 20 weeks they will still go by the due date and gestational age from the first trimester.

After seeing a reproductions specialist for 2 months I can tell you that my sonogram in my early weeks was right on target. I knew what day I got pregnant (give or take a few days) and the sonogram confirmed this. I have a sonogram at 5 weeks, 6 weeks 8 weeks and 12 weeks that all confirmed my correct dates. Then at 18 weeks and at 30 weeks my sonogram is showing that they due date is off (ahead) 2 weeks (which obviously I know for sure that is incorrect because I know when I got preggers and the first sonograms confirmed it. My Dr. simply said that all babies grow at different paces.

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