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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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so confused...
jnfreeman1122 posted:
ok, I am extremely confused about when it is too early to find out if I am pregnant or not.... I am 3 days late for my monthly, have been so so so unusually tired, nauseas for no reason, and stomach cramps.... what do i do????
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jnfreeman1122 responded:
oo... i forgot to mention i have been having terrible mood swings..... and using the restroom alot... and if its not pregnancy... what else could it be?
nelson09 replied to jnfreeman1122's response:
have you taken a hpt yet???
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Since you are 3 days late you should consider trying a UPT which is a urine pregnancy test with your first morning urine. If it comes back negative and you still haven't had your period retest in another week or two. If still no luck make an appt with your doctor for further testing
isabellin responded:
girl i been feeling the same way but is not time for my period to come i still going to wait one week and see if my period comes or not then all be happy or sad.....know the feeling
isabellin responded:
so wat happen are you pregnant or not? hope everything turn out right

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