Extreme skin dryness
cleoking1305 posted:
I live in Denver, Colorado and am in my second trimester. Due to the pregnancy and dry weather, my skin gets extremely dry and flaky. I like using natural remedies since I'm pregnant so I did research and came up with this remedy that has done wonders for my face and growing belly:
Clover Honey, 2tsp
Soy milk or whole milk,-between 1/2C to 1 C
Wheat Germ-2/3 C
Lemon-about 5 drops
I apply it to my face and belly 2 hours before I go to bed every night. Your body heat will naturally make this mixture melt into your pores and keeps moisture locked in. I notice my face stays smooth and moisturized for at least 24 hours.
You can adjust this recipe or add things to it as you so desire and keep it in the fridge in an air tight container between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on whether you use soy milk or whole milk. When you apply it to your face and belly, it will leave your skin a little sticky so I just put a very thin layer of lotion on to seal it.
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