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also confused.
An_218255 posted:
I had my period a month ago along with a kidney infection. I failed to find out if my antibotics would conflict with my birthcontrol and I forgot to take the pill for a few days. My boyfriend and I were sexually active the whole time and now I'm late. I've felt constantly nauseas, tired all the time, pain in my lower back and abdomen for about two weeks. I realize it could be stress or nerves, but is it more possible that I'm pregnant?
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Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
Missing the pills is more likely to be responsible for unintentional pregnancy than antibiotics. It definitely is possible that you are pregnant with the combination of missed pills, symptoms, and sexual activity. You should test.
Josefy3 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
I have been doing the same thing. I'm not constantly nauseous but mine starts when i wake up which is about 7am goes thru about 10am then im exhausted (why i dont know, i sleep thru the night) then alittle starts up after 5pm, where i just wanna lay down and sleep. I've got light cramps in my lower abdomen, lower back pains. Headaches and pottying alot. I don't know if i am pregnant or not. I'm ready to tell DH to take me to a clinic and get a blood test done so i can know for sure. Let me know what you find out please.
Josefy3 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hey Louise_WebMD_Staff

I responded to your response. Of course i clicked the wrong button and put it on your and not on Anon's box. BUT i was hoping i could get some help off this site, but i'm not really getting anywhere. I want to know if my last period was a real period it was 2 and a half days long, real light and the cramps didnt feel like real cramps, the whole time during those days i didnt get awhole lot of blood, then the half day all i got was brownish stuff and some pink, thats it. I've got this feeling in my lower abdomen like something is in there, moving. It's in the same spot so i dont think its gas or a bubbly feeling cause like i said its localized. My breasts were hurting 3 weeks ago, well now, 4 weeks ago and now they only hurt when you touch them, or if i hug my DH. I have 1 hpt left and i'm ready to try it out and i've never used one before so i don't know when to take it, or even if i should. I would appreciate any information you could give me, and i'd like it if you could email me cause i dont have the chance to check this site every day and i'd like to know what to do. My email address is . Help me out please. Thanks
KOH360 replied to Josefy3's response:
let me know what you find out. i had some other similar symptoms also.
An_218256 replied to Josefy3's response:
i went to my doctor today and he took a blood test and a urine test. i'll find out my results tomorrow but he said it could possibly be a thyroid problem or pregnancy because i've had some weight loss. you may just want to go to your family doctor and see what it could be, mine said regardless something is wrong and i needed to be checked out. hope all this helps and good luck.

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