pregnancy test
mom208 posted:
is there a way to get a test w/out my parents knowing r finding out? when will u know ur starting to get pregnant?
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jkreuzberg responded:
You can buy a test at any store, even dollar tree.
fiannakyn replied to jkreuzberg's response:
yea, dollar tree has pregnancy tests for $1 and they are pretty accurate from about the day after your missed period. They just dont have the fancy packageing of the name brands.

Or you can get a test at walmart, target, kmart, walgreens, etc etc. Even order them online.

If you really don't want this to be known by your parents yet, be sure to dispose of the test somewhere not in the bathroom trash.

But if the test is positive, you will need to tell your parents.
luktastic44 replied to fiannakyn's response:
you should by a test and then wrap it up in toilet paper after you learn the results and then put it in the bathroom trash and then throw the trash in the outside dumpster