Pasteurized Eggs / Eggnog
concernedfoodie posted:
If you aren't sure about whether or not the eggnog is safe to drink, maybe trying making your own with pasteurized eggs. I have been using pasteurized eggs for a few years now. With the recent egg recalls, you never can be too sure. Pasteurized eggs are a great alternative to any egg dish, as the go through a special process that kills the bacteria so no risk of getting salmonella. Its especially helpful for people who are immune deficent, such as pregenant women or people who have recently received a transplant. I use them in all of my egg recipes, and they come in handy during the holiday season, as I do alot of baking. I know that I won't have to worry about me or my loved one potentially getting sick from eating an egg based. Just might want to look into them, you can enjoy your eggs in any style, eat cookie dough, make egg nog and ice can't go wrong.
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