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An_218264 posted:
I just found that I'm a few weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and this one is hitting me hard. I eat and throw it back out and I''m sooo bloated that nothing fits and its killing me. with my first wasn't even like that at all i didn't start showing till i was 6 months..with this one i look 6 months prego. I don't see i look so big and can't keep nothing down except for like cereal. I go walking everyday to help with the bloating but i just don't know what else to do...i drink water all the healthy unless i have a craving for something chocalate and creamy and then i stop and'm so depressed that nothing fit and i look so much bigger...i don't know what i need to do anymore..i know i can't try to lose wieght but i don't want to gain more weight then what I have to. If there is anyone that knows any tips on what i can and eat please let me know....thank you
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Noodlesbaby11 responded:
Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can say I am/was in the same boat you are. I am 16 weeks pregnant with baby # 2 and in the first few weeks I was huge. I didn't show with my son till I was almost 7 months, so I began to wonder why so early also. No worries though, you are just bloated! Around week 12 or 13, my bloating went away and now I have nothing. I have a teeny tiny little bump but nothing like it was. With the getting sick, not much I can help you with there. I've been throwing everything I put in my mouth back up since week 7, and have to take zofran just to be able to hold food down. Don't worry about gaining weight or being bigger, I promise it will go away in a few weeks. Just continue eating healthy and you will be just fine. Congrats again, and welcome :)

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