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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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um help me
ILoveMyFamily1998 posted:
Hi my name is Hannah i am 13 and a half and i have a funny/weird question. You see my tummy is getting a bit big like i ate thanksgiving dinner but the rest of my body is not, and my uh pee is a bit foggy and i use to get these little cramps or weird feelings in my tummy. This is what it looks like (I took this picture in the mirror and its just my facebook picture because i don't know how to work facebook that much) soooo the funny question is....... am i pregnant? (i have not taken a pregnancy test)
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scarolinarn responded:
Ok- first quesiton... Are you sexually active? If not, then you are not pregnant.

second question.... Have you started your menstrual cycle and if so when was your last one?
An_241965 replied to scarolinarn's response:
Have you missed your period yet?

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