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An_218266 posted:
I'm 7 weeks and a 1/2, i got my first ultrasound done today. They told me tat it was abnormal U/S. They didn't detect any blood flow to the baby and no heartbeat. Do you think its to early to tell? I'm scared and confused!
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mandmcowgirlup responded:
There is always a chance that your dates may be off. Have they scheduled you for another U/S. I would ask for another U/S in a week if you feel it might be wrong.
keva2010 responded:
I understand your concern. By the way, im 11wks2days and when i got my first ultrsound 2wks ago i was scared too because the doc was having a hard time finding my baby and we couldn't hear anything on the stethoscope.they ended up using a more advance ultasound machine and found my baby and i saw it moving its hands and feet so i was sooo relieved although i still didn't get a chance to hear the heartbeat i saw that it was obviously alive. So your case maybe that its too early to hear a heartbeat but if you haven't lost any blood or experiencing severe abdomenal pains then i think you and the baby are just fine and may need more time to develop. i wish you the best just be a little more patient.
kygoetz replied to keva2010's response:
Sometimes it does take a little longer to find. I go to one of the best doctor's in my state, but sometimes they have a difficult time finding the little thing. You have to keep in mind that your uterus is expanding a lot and finding such a teeny heartbeat can be tough :)
Mrs_Kelley responded:
I'm only about three weeks along. I found out last thursday, April 1st, that I was pregnant. I went to the doctor, and they set me up on an ultrasound. I was worried, that perhaps my hpt had lied because the doctor come in and said there was no baby. BUT, after worrying me, he admitted the urinanalysis came back positive, and so did the blood test. I am only saying, that maybe you are earlier, than what you were previously told. And it was too soon to tell. I was hoping for a pic to take home to my husband, but I didn't even get that.
msthompson86 replied to Mrs_Kelley's response:
Mrs Kelly,

I am 4w 6d and I went in for an u/s. It is way too early to see anything on the screen. They want me to come back in 2 weeks, but it possibly could be too early then too. I know how scary it is. I am praying everything works out for you! :)
krisi21 replied to mandmcowgirlup's response:
i would go with her advice and get another U/S. im 5-7 weeks pregnant and i have seen my baby's heartbeat. wait a week or two and have another U/S and they can probably find it. Its so small that sometimes its harder to find than others. take a deep breath and count to ten. everything is going to be ok. i hope i could help. i wish the best to you and ur family.

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