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HOME Micro-distance Fetal Education Concert
Clearchung posted:

HOME Micro-distance Fetal Education Concert

Growth story?to continue a love story

Date&Time: 22nd June, 2013 7PM—9:30PM (In case of heavy rain weather, the activity time will postpone )

Activity Location: Shenzhen HOME Women's and Children's hospital--Lobby

Concert Theme: Growth Story

22nd June, 2013, 7PM, Shenzhen HOME Women's and Children's hospital micro-distance fetal education concert-- Growth Story, the music will tell your baby, mummy and daddy's love story, the sweet process of birth, daddy and mummy's best wishes, the growth story of the whole family!

1.Concert limited 55 seats only, please collect ticket by booking, ticket pick up location: Registration desk in the lobby, entry with ticket please!

2.Please arrive 20mins earlier!

3.Ticket is free by booking!

4.Please don't walk around, to silent or turn off your mobile phone;

5.Hotline: 0755-33391333 / 33919152
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