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Rhogam and spotting- URGENT
smp247 posted:
Hi ladies-

I had sex 3 days ago for the first time since being pregnant- I am 6 weeks. Today, out of nowhwere I had some light spotting in my undies, but then it immediately stopped, no abnormal cramping or anything. I did just get done exercising when this happened.

I called my doctor. Being a Saturday, She said I should definitely get checked out and get a Rhogam shot but can wait until Monday since I have 72 hours. If I felt more pain or felt it was more urgent, I could go to the ER immediately,b ut she said of course that would take more time and money and would be much less thorough.

Has this happened to any of you? What if the bleeding happened a few days ago and just made its way out now. Then Monday would be beyond 72 hours- would the Rhogam still work?

I am freaking out...Thanks for the help!
BabyMakes_4 responded:
If the spotting was from three days ago it would be a brown color. (Old blood = brown, new blood red or pink) What color was the spotting and has it stopped? Exercising could cause some spotting if you overdid it a bit, I would take it easy until your doctor can see you. If it gets worse, the ER is your best bet. I am sorry I couldn't be of more help
Vampwix1206 responded:
Spotting after sex is normal in early pregnancy. It stopped immediately, so I dont' think it's cause for concern.

The Rhogam will not stop you from miscarrying. You are Rh negative (A negative, B negative, ect). It has to do with your blood type. When an Rh negative woman miscarries, she's supposed to get a Rhogam shot on the off chance that your baby is Rh positive (like my DS is. He's A pos, I'm A neg). You'll get this shot so that your body doesn't attack the next fetus you get pregnant with, because if the blood between you two mingles, your body will build up antibodies to it, like you do with colds and the flu.

GL and I HTH.
Bailey98029 responded:
I had brown spotting only with DS but think I got my first shot a few days after the spotting started although I don't remember exactly because I didn't know what the RH factor meant at that point. This time, I had pink one time the day I got my BFP and had my shot the next day. I tend to agree with PP about the blood being brown if it was from when you had sex. DH and I had sex for the first time this pg a couple days ago and I spotted a little too but it was the next morning. I would tend to think that any irritation from sex would happen pretty immediately (like within 12 hours or so).

However, with that said, I can't really advise you because you know best. I would tend to go with your doc assuming she has all the info. you posted above. But if you really feel like something's going on, I'm a big fan of intuition.

Sorry I wasn't more help but best of luck to you!
jeannie2409 responded:
hi, this is my second pregnanacy and every time i had sex during my pregnancy it would start me to starting bleeding after sex or the next day so i was told to put my feet up and rest an no more sex.My doctor says it is normal just cant have any sex,sorry

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