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first baby-marijuana?
laur3nopc posted:
This is my first baby...I just found out I am pregnant a few days ago...I heard that its still okay to smoke weed sometimes (no tobacco, no alcohol, JUST marijuana!) during pregnancy, is this true? or will smoking JUST marijuana affect my baby at all?
kabergk responded:
people say this because it is "natural". ... It will affect you baby. Medication in pregnancy is classified in catagories.... A: you can use. causes no harm B: you can use.. no human harm evidence C: has seen harm in animals.. use if benefits out weigh cons D: shouldnt use. has been known to cause problems to a human fetus X: will cause harm. Those are my general understanding of the classifications. Marijuana is classified as a "C". It is not good to use......Any time you use something that affects you and your mental status.. it can affect your baby negatively. be it... sleeping pills... alcohol, pot.. anti depressants... soda with caffiene and so forth. I hope this helps!!:)
topazorchid responded:
Lurking from second tri... Uhm, no. Deffinitly NOT okay. I am sure your OB will give you tons of reasons why.
jodysauer responded:
Its not okay because one just like another other drug your child will be "addicted" when its born. They can take your child away if it tests positive for drugs when they do the blood work at birth. There is a very slim chance that you will get pure "weed" chances are it will always have something in it!
roxanne156 responded:
Unfortunately there is not a lot of information published on this topic. Smoking weed is a lot more common during pregnancy than most people think. I have friends who have smoked during pregnancy. Not 4 joints a day but a toke here and there to help reduce nausea and stress. Their babies were very healthy and very smart. If you are an occasional smoker, like a puff here and there the risks (from what I have read) are very small to the baby. The baby will not come out "addicted" to pot and will not have the munchies :wink: From what I have read, there is no concrete, statistical, clinical studies that say "majiuana will do this xxxxxx". Just speculation. The cases that were studied, the mother did a lot more than smoke a joint once or twice a week during her pregnancy. She also drank, did harder drugs and did not take care of herself. I did a search on google and came across these articles.
EarthMama09 responded:
Thank you Roxanne for an intelligent and open minded resonse : ) I agree with your post.
emrayld responded:
Thanks Roxanne! I like responses that have forms of evidence behind them(or in this case lack of one way or another) I as well have friends who have smoked pot occasionally, and they're children are some of the smartest I've ever seen! One who's daughter knew how to text by 5 LOL
Kimjj514 responded:
lurking...regardless of how much research that is how there that proves or disproves the negative effects, do you really think it's wise to take the chance? I'm sorry but the 9 month period that you are pregnant is not a long time to abstain, and it's totally worth it if it means absolutely NO chance of any negative impact on your baby. In addition, as a pp mentioned, if you test positive for whatever reason during your pregnancy, you run the risk of having your baby taken away. Nope...definitely not worth the risk.
RebeccaK12177 responded:
I think it's illegal...
Brittanylikesyou responded:
According to "Your pregnancy week by week" written by an M.D OBGYN. "Marijuana disrupts brain development and can cause fetal growth restriction and behavioral abnormalities, including tremors, irritability and exaggerated startle relex in newborns. In older children, innattention, hyperactivity, delinquency and problem solving difficulties." (pg 55) Also written was "Marijuana is dangerous during pregnancy because it crosses the placenta and enters the baby's system. It can have long lasting effects on babies exposed before brith. Rresearch has shown that a mothers marijuana use during pregnancy can affect cognitive function, decision making ability and future planning ability in her child. Use can also affect a childs verbal reasoning and memory. One study showed that the risk of SIDS was twice the average for children if their father smoked maarijuana. Risk is present if the male smokes before conception. Researchers belive that the THC in Marijuna may adversely affect sperm and the growing fetus" (pg37) I wanted to give actual quotes from my book so people didnt think i was giving a biased opinion, or just throwing random statements out there. Obviously what you choose to do is your personal choice. I hope the best for you and your LO. Hope this helps.
phargojk responded:
I found this conversation very interesting. Although I am very open minded, I have to wonder if caffeine, alcohol, and smoking are harmful to the baby, wouldn't marijuana be also? Anything that alters your state of mind, you must ask will it effect the child? I guess you have to ask yourself if you are willing to risk it. It is personal decision, but remember you are also making it for another life. I wish you the best and H&H 9 months. Jess (30) DH(31) MC 7/08 2nd chance EDD 10/09 Green Team!
Punches responded:
I've also found this topic fairly amusing and interesting. I admit I will partake every once and a while - but haven't since we started TTC. Like others have said, if caffeine, sleeping pills, asprin or aspartame - relatively benign compounds - are frowned upon, I would think that something like marijuana would be too. Why risk it? Are those one or two tokes really that important, enough to potentially risk it to your LO? If so... maybe there are other questions you should be asking yourself!
brunettebabii404 responded:
Lurking from TTC boards... I think you should try to understand how lucky you are that you are even pregnant.. It breaks my heart that I have been doing eveything in my power to get 2 lines on a preg test and you are really willing to put your unborn baby at risk because you dont want to miss out on your high... That is just crazy sounding to me.
roxanne156 responded:
I don't think the original poster actually said she was smoking. She asked if there could be harm to her baby, not that if she continues to smoke will xxxx happen. :lightsmile:
rubygirl82 responded:
I think that no matter the effects or non-effects to the health of your unborn baby, you should not smoke. Smoking impairs your judgement--you could walk out infront of a car and kill yourself and the baby--extreme, maybe, but just don't do it. If you need Marijuanna to feel good, then maybe you need to talk to someone, drugs are not just used as a fun time, they are used because the user needs something to fill a void. If you are feeling this way, the better option would be to seek proper healthcare and counselling.

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