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Ghost pregnancy
married08 posted:
I am/was 5w5d today. Woke up this morning and went to the bathroom, wiped and had brown blood with some cramping (which I have been having since I took pregnancy tests). I called the doctor and they said they wanted to see me. My first scheduled appt was to be at 8 weeks on Feb 2. He did a pelvic exam, blood work and u/s. My DH was watching u/s screen to see the sac. Nurse said there is no sign of a sac, and nothing is in my uterus. But my uterus lining is thick ready for the pregnancy. I was totally shocked. I took 3 pregnancy tests - all were positive. Had lots of symptons of being pregnant. We went back to see my doctor after the tests. He said my blood levels were 185. He thinks I had a tubal pregnancy but it died and my body absorbed the tissue. I am having my blood taken on Sat and Monday to see where my numbers are. Then I will meet with my Dr. on Tues to see what to do next. If I have severe cramping (where the bean might still be growing in my tube) I need to go to ER. On Tues if numbers are not doubling and nothing comes out he is going to give me a prescription to break the tissue up ( in case it is still in my tube) HELP. Has anyone heard of this before?
bigred_08 responded:
yes a tubal pregnacy its also called an eptopic pregnacy, the can be dangerous so if you get a lot of cramping or you feel dissy go to the er because you have an increased risk of internal bleeding. I don't know exaclty what causes it, for some reason the egg starts growing in the falopion tube instead of the uterus...I'm sorry it happened to you, but it is normal, miscarrages are way more commen then most people think.. jsut try to take it easy and watch for any serious side effects.
nenalibre1 responded:
I'm so sorry to hear you may have an etopic pregnancy. You may find comfort on the Coping with pregnancy loss board. Some of the woman on there have had similar experiences and may be able to offer some advice. Hang in there, I know its hard. Triggs... I've suffered 2 miscarriages & I'm pregnant for the 3rd time. I found a lot of comfort on that board. I wish you the best.
married08 responded:
Thanks for the caring responses. It is hard not knowing what is going on.

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