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Is pineapple bad for pregnancy?!!!!
Ame122 posted:
Okay, my Mom mentioned something about this when I told her I craved and have been eating pre-cut fresh pineapple (it's sweet) since Sunday. It's only 2-3 cubes per serving and I eat it with cantalope and honeydew. I'm 8 weeks today.

Now I'm freaking out. Is it really really bad for your uterus? I googled it and found some sites that said large portion of pineapple can cause early miscarriage or can cause contraction. Others from different boards said it's okay because it's fruit and fruits are good for you, etc. Oh some also said it's one of ol' wives tales.

I have stopped eating it because I'm now scared and worried. Please help!!!
wlw1220 responded:
I've heard of girls eating pineapple later in pregnancy as an old wives tale to get the baby to come but I've never heard of it causing any problems, especially later on. I mean, I eat pineapple when I get a fruit bowel from Publix. I say in moderation it's probably perfectly fine. It's definately not on the list of No's from the doctor. Maybe if you ate like 8 whole pineapples in one sitting. Don't worry about it. Eat some good fruit and enjoy!
Ame122 responded:
oh Whitney! Thank you very much for this post. Now I feel a little better. I was a total mess when I wrote this post. My Mom said just finish whatever it's left and try to find different fruit to substitute my craving for pineapple. But that left over is gonna be on the table in the break-room at my work tomorrow. I still have a whole fresh pineapple waiting to ripe on my countertop but DH will be eating that one alone!!

I don't feel anything different since eating it since 4 days ago--knock on wood. Oh I do read somewhere about eating 8 whole pineapple definitely a big no-no. Well, adios for the rest 7 months, pineapple!!
kelsaifi responded:
I honestly have never heard of this, but if it makes you feel any better, I had a whole pineapple over 2 days when I was about 4 weeks all by myself. I had no contractions, pains or anything. I'm sure a few cubes here or there won't hurt. I love the sweetness too. I'm completely off cakes and cookies though. I'm craving fruits and vegetables, salads and fish. I'm making sure I eat lots of diary especially since I just can't seem to get into chicken or beef or even lamb and I LOVE meat.

Best of luck. and like you said, you'd probably have to eat 8 whole pineapples.

After all, it's all about moderation. I love bananas, and they're on the list too, but apparently it's all a myth. I eat at least one a day.
jab1604 responded:
In my first pregnancy, when I was about 26 weeks I went to Hawaii, and pretty much ate an entire pineapple a day for 2 weeks straight. Not sure if that makes you feel better, but there you go LOL
Jennyfurs27 responded:
I live in Hawaii so we have pineapple galore... I eat it ALL the time (ate almost a whole one in a day 2 weeks ago) None of my local friends (I didnt grow up here) or the doctors out here have said ANYTHING to me about not eating pineapple and I assume they would since it's such a staple food here. I agree with the pp that you prob have to eat like 8 whole ones to have it affect you if that. Dont feel bad about eatting it and it's up to you if you want to stop but I am prob gonna keep eatting it because I dont like a lot of fruit but I do love pineapple!! And like the pp said it's not on the DO NOT EAT list for preggo gals so I'm not going to take away one of the few things that dont make me want to vomit...
Ame122 responded:
Y'all ladies are wonderful!! I really appreciate y'all taking time to response. I freak out really easily but I'm trying not too show it. My MIL said I'll probably freak out over anything because I'm first timer--any twinge, cramp, I mean anything can get me thinking!! Ugghh..hate this feeling but we're mommies. We protect our babies, right?

I know, I didn't eat it much before I was pregnant but the sweetness really help with my quesiness. But I do eat 1-2 banana a day and loads of honeydew and cantalope--these 2 seemed to be helping with my m/s.

Again, thank you very much. I believe this freak-out moment can be put to rest and perhaps be helpful to other preggos who love pineapple!!
lucia2229 responded:
hey i dont know for sure if pineapple is bad for you or not....but i ate it through all 3 of my pregnancys and it didnt cause any problems at i dont think it will do anything bad......i ate a big bowl of it almost yea if it was going to do anything it would have...and it didnt so i think it is ok to eat
wicked_mama responded:
I have had 4 pregnancies and have never ever heard of this in my life. Surely if pineapple were dangerous to pregnant women, doctors everywhere would be warning them not to consume it (the way they tell us about the deli meat and the fish with mercury, etc.). Call your doctor to confirm but I am 99% sure pineapple is a-okay to consume when you are pregnant.
mlmynm81 responded:
I wouldnt worry too much. One of my prego friends is on WIC and they give pineapple juice as one of the juices you can get and I dont think that WIC would give that out if it was harmful.
ananyaw responded:
My friend is currently 23 weeks pregnant and she typically eat 1-3 slices of fresh pineapple everyday. But her relatives from everywhere started warning her not to consume it. She was really paranoid about it and shared her concern with me. So, I was reading a lot on the internet to help her out. I came across this interesting article stating myths and the truths related to eating pineapple. Here is the link

I suggested her to go through the other articles and gain valuable insight about which foods are actually good to eat and bad when you're pregnant. It has curbed her anxiety about her growing baby and put an end to her doubts.
tlkittycat1968 replied to ananyaw's response:
Um, why are you responding to a post that is at least 7 years old?

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