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I am pregnant and always freezing.
Kolonie posted:
Hi my name is Kolonie and i was wondering if any one can help with something. I am 9 weeks pregnant and i am always tired and feel sick. I am also always cold! i mean freezing cold. I dont know what this means. Today it is really bad. And of course my drs office is closed. Im not sure if i need to go to the er or if this is something i can wait till my dr is open.? PLease Help.
unknown responded:
I was like this also, from about 4w-10w. It finally got better this week. There was a post on this subject a couple of weeks ago, and apparently it's pretty common. I'm like you, I had no idea! I did this part in spring last time

I got in the habit of spending lots of time on the couch, in front of the fire and with my laptop on my lap b/c it's warm (just push it back so your tummy doesn't get too warm). At work I wear an extra shirt and sometimes put on my winter coat. I also bought flannel sheets for the bed. All of this only helped somewhat but like I said, it got better this week, so hopefully it will for you too.
AddisonsMom2004 responded:
ME TOO!!! I just cannot seem to get warm EVER! I am not too worried about it though...I just bundle up and snuggle up on the couch and hope for the best. Hopefully we won't stay cold too long! H&H 9 months!!!
unknown responded:
don't feel bad i go from freezing to burning hot in 2 seconds I am also 9 weeks so hopefully it will go away soon
mommytoaddi responded:
I am always freezing my hands and my feet I have been wrapped in a blanket 24/7. I was like that with my first child as well. I think its from the blood flow going to the baby or something? Who knows but it isn't uncommon it appears:-)
tallygirl79 responded:
I am also 9 wks and I stay cold alot esp my hands! I am sooo tired these days!!! thankfully my sickness has been alot better this week than the past few wks.
mazdagirl1977 responded:
What you're experiencing is normal but it can also signal anemia. I have pregnancy induced anemia. I was diagnosed after my doctor did a complete blood count. It's worth mentioning your symptoms to your doc so that you can begin taking iron supplements if you are anemic.
Kay_And responded:
I go from hot to freezing in two seconds. I prop the windows open and there's 3 feet of snow outside and the next minute I'm under a heating blanket. The heated blanket works good when I'm cold...3 out it on low...and snuggle up!

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