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Fullness feeling
nsteve posted:
You would think this is my first pregnancy with all my questions, but today I started feeling a real full feeling in my lower abdomen. It just feels heavy and kind of bloated. I'm not constipated, its not gas and its not painful, just a weird feeling. Anyone? I'm around 5w 3d.
beetlejuic1 responded:
Yes, I am 8 weeks and I have that same feeling.. and this is my 1st pregnancy! lol
Angela03102 responded:
Yep, same here. I feel like I have a either a very bloated stomach and it's driving me crazy. I never felt this way with DS . For me, I honestly think it's more gassy though I'm not able to eat much without feeling sick
unknown responded:
Oh my goodness me too!!! I'm not sure yet, (i'm crossing my fingers though!!!!) I still have a week before my period is due but holy crap! I keep getting this dull burning sensation in the very middle of my pelvis, not all the time though, I also get some cramping as well in the same spot. I have noticed random, dull pains in the right and left (more so the right) sides of my lower stomach. It kind of feels like period cramps but, its not in the same place. The thing is, I sort of had a period in Dec. but it only lasted 3 days (mine always lasts at least 5 days)....I've been having a lot of other crazy symptoms like being over emotional and very strong food cravings. My boyfriend even asked if I was pregnant haha. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that has this weird, kind of uncomfortable heaviness feeling!
unknown responded:
You know Angela, I've been feeling the same sickness, it's a little better now, but a few weeks ago it was pretty awful. I would be starving and food would sound good but actually eating it, made me sick so I just kind of picked at my food.

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