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Falling during early pregnancy
excalibur8194 posted:
I am not sure how far along I am exactly due to a weird cycle. I think any where between 5 and 7 weeks. Today I went cross country skiing with a few friends who don't yet know that I am pregnant. The trail was really icy because it has been really warm here and I fell down a few times. I am really concerned now. I am afraid that I may have done some damage and that now I will have a miscarriage. I am getting really stressed out about it and already feel guilty because my husband didn't really want me to go because he was afraid I would fall. So far I haven't had any bleeding and I am not having cramps that have been worse then those I have experienced over the past week. Does anyone have any advice, or has anyone else experienced a fall in early pregnancy? I don't have my first apt until the 25th. That seems like a long time to wait to see if everything is okay.

Thank you for your any help with this. Sarah (28) DH (29) BFP 1/1/10
Angela03102 responded:
Did you fall hard enough to cause bruising? If you are sore tomorrow then I would probably call the OB office just to ask their opinion. If it wasn't a hard fall then I would think you are safe.

I may get negative response from this but I still ride my horses and did up until the second trimester with my son. I only stopped cause my DH was ready to murder me.... I ride english and we post up and down and move like you would in aerobics class and the baby is totally safe. I did stop jumping. The doctors told me that the risk was in fall off the horse and hitting the ground really hard. Your body has a good safety barrier to keep your LO from harm so if the fall was mild and you didn't land on your pelvis, added with the no spotting or pain in that area, I would say you are safe My advice is do what makes you feel safe and never worry about calling the doctor for their opinion on things. That's why they are there
DaleCDean29 responded:
If your not bleeding, and have no bruising I would say your ok, however if your really freaked out that you might loose the baby over it call your ob and try to get in earlier 5-7 weeks they might be able to see a heartbeat and tell you if the baby is fine on a vaginal u/s but not all OB's do those...If your cramping is more than you can bear you could always go to the ER and get checked out.
deborahann139 responded:
I agree with the others, that unless you fell really really hard there is very little likelihood of any damage. They are very small and very well protected inside of you at this point. I have a good friend that is pregnant and is a doctor and she is planning a cross-country skiing trip for when she'll be around 19 weeks or so, and I know she would absolutely not do it if she felt there was any risk to her baby.

excalibur8194 responded:
Thank you for your responses. I am a little sore, but I think it is from falling and from the exercise. I don't think I will be able to get ahold of anyone in my OB's office until Monday. I think I will call them first thing Monday to see if they can get me in sooner. If I start to bleed or have bad cramping I will probably go to the ER, but I am going to try not to stress out about it too much.
nicolekristin responded:
The baby is so well protected that I don't think a fall of that nature would harm it. I was like 4-5months along with my twins and out using a push lawnmower. It was getting ready to rain and so I was pushing really fast, ran into a root that was sticking up about 4in. and SLAMMED my pregnant belly into the handle. The pain was so bad that I almost passed out - But the babies were perfectly fine! Hope everything turns out okay for you!

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