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Cramps and Tightness???
Stepher8686 posted:
:confused: I am approximately 7 weeks. I haven't had my first apt with doctor yet. But I work a very stressful job and I am on my feet for 5 hours straight. Climbing up and down stairs everytime I have to pee. The past few days my upper stomach (right below my breasts) have felt really tight. My lower stomach is crampy (which I know is normal), but then right below my underwear line, I feel alot of pressure. This is my first baby so I am obviouisly going to be concerned with ever different feeling I have. Can someone just let me know if this is all normal or not. If not, I would like to just visit the doctor a little sooner. Thank You!
morethanadogmom responded:
I just got on this site to ask the same thing...I am a little more than 6 weeks and have been very bloaty feeling since the day I found out. I too feel pressure under my breasts and the lower stomach feels achy...I hope that someone else responds and lets us know that all is normal. I go to the Dr. next friday..
LMaar responded:
I"m 10 weeks and I have the pressure all over lol. Usually it is right below my underwear line...I think it's just things moving around and not to mention gas because the digestive system is slowed down and has time to ferment. I do have a slight cramp every once in a while on my side at the bottom edge of my rib cage, my doctor said it's just the aches a pain of things getting pushed into their temporary homes. You can always talk to a nurse at the Dr. office and run by the places it's most uncomfortable if it will ease your mind a bit more. The first thing someone will tell she/he will tell you is that cramping is normal, but if it's lasts for a long time and you have red or pink blood you should contact them asap. This is my first too and I'm just as worried about everything my body is going through! hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!
Stepher8686 responded:
Thank you guys so much! I actually called my doctor to just make sure everything was ok and they told me since it mainly happens while at work and when I get home from work, that it's my body telling me, I'm over-doing it. So if you notice it happening at certain times, it might mean you should slow down....

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