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Morning Sickness Comes and Go
DanKB102 posted:
Hi Everyone, 2nd time Mom here. I am 7 weeks along and have a question. Is it normal for morning sickness to come and go? Yesterday I felt horrible during the day. Today, I feel pretty ok. Is that normal or a sign that something is wrong? Not that I love feeling miserable everyday but, in a strange way it is comforting to know that feeling yucky is normal and a good thing. I need some reassurance here. Thanks!
lizhf2003 responded:
It's definitely normal. And it may be starting to subside for good! All sorts of symptoms can come and go. No worries!!
Sab217 responded:
Completely normal. :lightsmile: I've only been getting it in the evening... every other day. I didn't really have any with my first so I'm crossing my fingers this doesn't last!
SLCastle responded:
Totally normal. I'm experiencing the same thing. I finds that it depends on how tired I am and what I ate. If I get a ton of sleep and eat bland food all day long I do better. But that combo rarely happens.
sunanmoon75 responded:
it's happening to me right now, I felt fine yesterday, today i can't breath without feeling nausea :pbpt:
JulieC74 responded:
:smile: Hi, It's definitely normal! I am a first time mum and was really worried initially as I had symptoms, then they seemed to stop. However, the sickness came back with avengeance and I had to get meds as I was feeling so low and not eating/drinking enough. People on this site were lovely in reassuring me xxx
DanKB102 responded:
Thank you all very much for reassuring me that this is normal. It is funny how I blocked out all of my symptoms with my 1st child and I feel like a 1st time mom again. Thanks again!!!
Melissa30134 responded:
Lurking. . . I posted one other time about this but try lemon drops candy or any lemon flavored hardy candy to help with the nausea. I even ate lemonade flavored dumdum suckers and they worked!
ledwellh responded:
Mine comes and goes also. When it hit it hits hard. The thing i found that helps the most is ground ginger root. You can get it with the vitamins at walmart for 4.00. Helps alot. :lightsmile:

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