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Boy or Girl? Morning sickness
Worried908 posted:
Ok so I am trying to figure out if I am having a boy or a girl... This is my first. My friends that have children seem to say that they had a lot more morning sickness with their boys. And they predict I am having a girl because I didn't have much morning sickness at all. Just wondering what some more women experienced. More morning sickness with a boy?? Or is it just based on your body?
casperkawa responded:
Sorry I am lurking. I had three boys and then a girl. Each was different. My first I was soooo sick for four months. Could not eat pizza my whole pregnancy. My second Nothing not nausea or anything. felt great. then my third and fourth which were boy and then girl. I was in between felt nauseas but never threw up. Now this one i was sick for two months and still cannot stand to look at a mcdonalds commercial. lol Don't know what this one is yet find out Feb 8th yea!! Anyway I really don't think that it has much to do with morning sickness. I am proof. LOL
WorryGirl80 responded:
I've NEVER had morning sickness. My first ended in m/c at 12wks and I never knew what it was. My 2nd was a boy. And this time, still no morning sickness and I'm 11wks today, so family is starting to believe that it's another boy. DH claims he only makes boys. :goofy: Guess we just gotta wait and see.
Megkate3 responded:
I haven't ever had morning sickness. My 1st was a girl, and I'm not sure about this one, but still no m/s.
chatongris responded:
every pregnancy is different. I didnt have morning sickness with my ds, puked up a ton with my dd, and this go around i have not thrown up, but have awful nausea. its very much based on your body and its reaction to that specific pregnancy
Jennax907 responded:
I was incredibly sick with my first. I think I had every pregnancy symptom out there-nausea (so bad that I had to be on Zofran), severe fatigue, headaches, sore boobs-the whole 9 yards. And I ended up having a boy. I haven't had much of anything with this pregnancy. Just a little nausea and some minor fatigue. I'm still thinking it's a boy. Well, maybe I'm just hoping for a boy? I don't want to lose my crown. LOL
SunConure responded:
Yeah I don't think morning sickness has anything to do with whether or not it's a boy or girl. My sister had a boy and she had no morning sickness. I am only 7 weeks and 4 days but I know I will probably have a boy, odds are in favor of one and I have had not had much morning sickness at all. I will be very shocked and suprised if I'm having a girl!!! We have to wait until our 20 week u/s for the gender, it feels like forever away!!!
lizhf2003 responded:
I'm complete opposite of you! All of my friends that had ms had girls! So who knows!! I was never sick and I had a boy last time. So far I still haven't been sick so we'll see. Another OWT is the heart rate. My last kiddo everyone said would be a girl bc his heart rate was a high 180 and girls are supposedly higher, but nope. All boy! Just another myth!
soontobewith4 responded:
I am a momma to 4 boys and I have never once had morning sickness not once. I am regnant again and dont know what it is yet but again no sickness. The old wives tale is you are sicker with girls because they give you more female hormones.
KLS0228 responded:
Well, I have a daughter and had NO morning sickness at all, but my SIL is having a girl and is 24 weeks and had M/S the whole time so far. ITs an old wives tell, and the only way to know is to have that big ultrasound done at 20 weeks!! LOL!! Ugh, the wait!!!! I hate the wait!! LOL!!
MickiesMom responded:
i had absolutely insane nausea and vomiting with a boy and literally lived on zofran for 4.5 months... i literally could not keep anything down without the drugs...not even water...but i heard what i had is pretty rare.. but here is the part that will confuse you :) best friend had a girl and also had nausea as severe... but i do have to tell you, overall, in my experience boys make you throw up a lot more :)
Worried908 responded:
Thank you everyone for sharing your stories! I am totally confused now :pbpt: Can't wait until the ultrasound!
Angela03102 responded:
I never had any throwing up with DS, I was queasy for a few weeks but only in the morning for a couple hours. This pregnancy, I am very very sick and throwing up a couple times a day at least. It's been horrible :( We aren't finding out the gender early so I won't know until Sept. I just know this pregnancy is opposite in every single way so far than my last one.
Keoione responded:
my friends told me that more sickness in the evening is relative to a girl and sickness in the morning is a boy. i personally think its your body, i'm 7weeks and just started feeling sick a couple of evenings ago.
scrispi responded:
I would have to agree i barely had any sickness maybe 2 times and I had a girl... im on my second pregnancy now and no morning sickness yet but its still very early for that I am only 6 weeks

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