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Cure for Excessive Hunger
Grace1122 posted:
Hi Ladies,

Do any of you know of any special foods or drinks that help with the excessive hunger? I have to eat every 2 hours, even in the middle of the night and I can't take it.

PLEASE HELP! Does this end?
tamliz08 responded:
Oh my gosh, I hear ya! I woke up last night because I just had to have a pb&j. It is very annoying to say the least!

I guess just try to choose foods that are high in nutritional value, and not just empty calories. I kind of just eat what sounds good.

And yes, it does end. It did not last the entire pregnancy for me the last time.
Grace1122 responded:
Thank you for replying. Knowing that it doesn't last throughout the entire pregnancy really gives me hope.
Shani_girl responded:
I hope it doesn't last! I never had this before. I eat everything but mostly unhealthy stuff. I am going to try today to eat healthier . Maybe try to eat more proteins and that will stick to our bones more. LOL
nancyjm responded:
Somedays I'm like that!! I can eat & eat & eat. Like today for instance! LOL! I hope you figure something out! BTW-we are due date buddies!!
fhforever2219 responded:
I hear you Grace, it's VERY annoying especially during the middle of the night.. for my night hungers I usually have a snack size ziploc full of grapes and a bottle of water on my bedside table... I found grapes to be the easiest thing cause it doesn't hit my stomach like a a ton of bricks, nor is it heavy.

GL I hope you find something
Norbygirl responded:
I am constantly hungry, too, but so nauseous all the time that most foods don't appeal to me. I just bought a huge bag of raw almonds at Sam's Club, and that seems to be helping, since they're a source of protein. Otherwise, most of my snacks are canned fruit and cheese sticks. I can barely stand any meat right now.
Kay_And responded:
I KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKIN BOUT. It is so annoying, I have to eat so often that I don't know what else TO eat anymore.

But I'm not a big meat eater, but I've noticed the past couple days when I eat alot of meat my m/s isn't so bad. Also, and I know its not healthy, deep fried foods really help me. I think bc they are so greasy and sit in your stomach longer so you feel fuller longer.

I'm really getting annoyed by constant hunger, I am going to be the size of a whale!!!
Shauntrell responded:
Girl no there is nothing to help you stop nor slow down excessive hunger. I try to eat nothing but healthy food, I was still hungry all the time; I've tried to eat unhealthy foods and I am still hungry. I just combined the both through out the day. 6 small meals a day and I don't wake up at night hungry. That's about all I can contribute. Hope that helps. LOL
SLCastle responded:
Cliff bars, cereal and PB&J are my go-to's.
Sab217 responded:
This cracks me up... I was JUST telling DH how I have been starving all day. hahah! I seriously haven't stopped eating all morning. It has been crazy.

My fix-alls are string cheese, grapes and bananas. I was a big fan of Cliff bars too, Sherri. But they haven't been sitting too well with my ms lately.

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