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Feeling full
ForeverHisWife posted:
Sometimes when I eat something I feel full right away and then look at my plate especially at dinner and go wow I have a lot left. I feel like I am getting fuller quicker. Anyone else?
Jacque72903 responded:
I feel that way too. And food doesn't seem to taste as good either. I don't have morning sickness or anything, but don't have an appetite either. There isn't one food craving over another really. I think I want something and then I go to eat it and am like, uh no thanks!
KDJK0001 responded:
It depends on what day it is.
I have been having cravings like you wouldn't believe, but then I get the food and I don't eat that much of it. Friday, I wanted some skittles or starburst all day so I bought some at Walmart. By the time we sat down to watch a movie that night, I ate 4 or 5 and was done. Same thing Sunday, I ate a few and didn't want anymore.
Today, however, I can't seem to eat enough! I had cereal for breakfast, but that did not stick around very long so I ate some peanut butter crackers. An hour later, I was starving, so I ate my lunch early (brought it from home). 2 hours later, I was starving again so I ate a little thing of applesauce I had in my snack drawer which did nothing for me. So I just finished up some Cheez Its a little while ago. Good think they were just a small bag out of the vending machine, because if I had a box, I would have eaten the whole thing.
And I'm still hungry!!!
bitesizehoney responded:
i heard that it's b/c of your uterus getting bigger and squeezing your stomach.. =shrug=

in any case, try and eat 5-6 small meals/snacks a day... about every two hours.. it works for me.. it staves off m/s and helps you gain the weight you need... oh, and try to keep a snack in your purse.. it helps when you're stuck somewhere and can't get to a vending machine/snack bar. :)
SunConure responded:
This early in pregnancy it's probably due to bloating getting full so quick, I had the same problem. Now in the second trimester I can eat and eat before I actually fill full! I also had no appetite as well, but it has sure come back now, so don't worry it will!!
SunConure replied to SunConure's response:
wow I can't spell, I meant "feel full"!! lol
Pamela11703 replied to SunConure's response:
lol SunConure... the sad part is I probably wouldn't have even caught the mistake... and even worse Im a teacher! ... I agree with the previous posts though... First tri I never eat too much, never too hungry all i really want is candy.. second tri it's usually scary to watch how much food i can consume lol Third tri Im usually way to tired to even eat!
FloralMom replied to Pamela11703's response:
I've been feeling overly full lately too. Almost to the point that I can't drink all of my water. After an 8 oz glass, I feel like I have a sloshy belly and that if I burp, I might throw up all of my water.

But the worst thing... I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with Chocolate. :sad: I LoVe Chocolate, like unhealthy love, could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and every snack imaginable in between... but now, it tastes too salty, or too sweet or too sour/bitter. I can't tell you how many times in the last few weeks I've taken a bite of chocolate and then handed it my DH and said "does this taste funny to you?". He always says "nope, tastes fine" and gobbles it up. I miss chocolate! With DS, not a SINGLE day of my pregnancy went by without a piece of chocolate and now... none. *Sigh*
ForeverHisWife replied to FloralMom's response:
I do almost the same thing with my DH. I packed us the same sandwhich and I was like mine tasted werid and he goes well when I eat mines ill let you know but its prolly just you LOL!!!

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