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What are your symptoms this week?
mamatobe08 posted:
How far are you and what symptoms are you having this week?

I'm 7 weeks 5 days and I'm just feeling BLAH! Not really nauseous, but not normal. I went shopping and felt like I might faint. I have been sitting on the couch most of the day. Oh, and the lovely sciatic pain that started last night.
flutterbymama2be responded:
I am ten weeks today, and I am just having trouble sleeping (nothing new for me) and kinda crampy on my left side. Other than that, and looking and feeling like I haven't slept in days, I'm good.
FloralMom responded:
I'm 11 weeks 3 days - I'm still nauseous, but not as bad, I can definately eat a little more and smells aren't bothering me quite as much. I am tired, and weak, no energy. Peeling myself out of bed is truly a momentous event! I've had cravings from the begining, which is weird because with my first two pregnancies, I didn't really have any spacific cravings, but with my 3rd, once 2nd tri hit, I had spacific cravings and this one started right from the get go!

I haven't had any sciatica yet (I'm sure I will!) but I have had soreness & pressure on my tail bone. Sitting for long amounts of time just kills my bum!
roni090909 responded:
Okay ladies don't hate me

Absolutly NOTHING!!! I feel great. My am no longer nauseous and not all that tired.
roni090909 replied to roni090909's response:
I forgot I am 8 weeks 3 or 4 days
Shani_girl replied to roni090909's response:
12 wks. 3 days sick as a dog worse than ever and horrible migraines too.
Chocolatemoca responded:
7 wks today and I just feel really tired not sure if that's from the UTI I'm dealing with this week, but I'm also feeling kinda "blah" I didn't know my sore bum could be a symptom it's been hurting for about a week or so. Getting up 3 times during the night isn't helping my sleep either.
NatashaT1 responded:
I'm 13w today. My symptoms is that my hip/but seems to be a little out of place, like it needs to pop or something. No morning sickness whatsoever from day one. I had a taste for white castle cheeseburgers, which I haven't had in years. Ate them at 2 for lunch and I'm still paying for it at midnight ughh.
Lovetheocean72 responded:
I'm 11 weeks, 2 days and I don't really feel nauseous, but smells set me off and make me gag, and sometimes I vomit. If i cough, I gag and feel like I might vomit. Still pretty tired but not as bad as a few weeks ago, occasional headaches and my breasts are swollen.
zz2004 responded:
I'm DOG TIRED ALL THE TIME!! Throwing up every morning, then usually by early afternoon, I start to feel like myself again. I have laundry that i washed this past weekend still sitting in the hamper waiting to be folded, dishes collecting in the sink, and I haven't made my bed in 2 weeks (please don't judge me lol) I just don't have the energy to do anything anymore.
zz2004 replied to zz2004's response:
oh and I'm 7wks tomorrow
BelleMorte08 responded:
I am 9 weeks today, and I am extremely tired. I have been tired and cranky since day one, very sore breasts, and nausiated all the time. I can eat, but only small amounts, and am hardly ever hungry. Today is the first time in 2 weeks that I have done the household chores, and I feel like I've gotten something done. I dusted, took a break, did the dishes, took a break, started laundry, and cleaned my room up, and am taking another break.
KDJK0001 responded:
I'm 11 weeks and 1 day and today I have been nauseous (threw up twice this morning) and exhausted beyond belief! I will not complain about the nausea though because this is only maybe the 3rd or 4th day in this pregnancy that I have been super nauseous. I can handle a few episodes...I was sick for 6 1/2 months with DD so this is nothing!!
However, I was not so tired with her! Maybe for a week or 2, but this has been going on for about 5 or 6 weeks! Some days worse than definitely a worse day!
michelleloehr replied to KDJK0001's response:
9 weeks 2 days - really nauseous (no vomiting though) worse on an empty stomach, major food adversions - mostly to smells like a hamburger sounds amazing until its in front of me and then I can't get it and i'm not big on sweets right now; sounds gross but totally blocked up but i have gas (horrid combo) and i have to pee every hour or so
diamond7sparkles responded:
I'm 11 weeks and 4 days, my only symptoms are insomnia even though I'm dead tired and I'm hungry 24/7.

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