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Always hungry
JessHeath posted:
I think I have a parasite, I already look pregnant and I am only 8 weeks and I feel like I am constantly hungry. What am I growing here? LOL I didn't feel this way with DD! Must be a boy in there, he's already eating me out of house and home! Seriously, I even ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich last night before bed and woke up 4 hours later starving! I thought because of the protein and carb combo it would hold me till morning. I refused to get up though, not gonna start that, I just waited till morning to eat breakfast. Maybe just a growth spurt!
almostthere2317 responded:
Be glad to know you aren't the only one!! Ha and I don't even know for sure how far along I am yet :)
I was super nauseated with DD and hardly ate for the first 12 weeks with her and this one I'm always hungry. I'm a little nauseated in the evening but NOTHING like with DD.
You cracked me up with this post. My husband is convinced it's a boy this time for that reason :)
beccadita80 responded:
Right there with you... I am searching for things to eat at my office right now!!!! It feels like if I don't eat something every 2 hours I will starve!!! I have been really bloated since I have been taking progesterone on top of all the extra my body is making... I look like I'm 4months and I'm only 8 weeks too!!
michelleloehr replied to beccadita80's response:
Oh good this makes me feel better. i'm 9 weeks and it's not that i'm hungry its as soon as my stomach is empty then my nausa kicks in big time and the only way to make it go away is to put something (mostly carbs and some veggies gotta be high fiber though) in my stomach. I'm eating a little something roughly every two hours.
msthompson86 replied to michelleloehr's response:
I know that I am hungry all the time with this pregnancy, but with DD I was EXTRA hungry all the time. So I was thinking boy. lol Everything is so much different this time around, I am so relaxed and not as uptight, so that's why I say I am having boy this time around. Who knows! lol
ForeverHisWife replied to michelleloehr's response:
Im always hungry. But more so later in the afternoon and late at night/early am. DH says girl!
raedlewis responded:
I'm so glad to hear you say that! I have heard of lot of people not wanting to eat because of nausea and I kept thinking, "I must be a pig because I feel like I'm eating all the time". I am 8 weeks as well. I hope it passes because I have enough extra pounds already and don't want to gain more than I have to!
Jaylonsmama responded:
OMG - I was just telling my doctor on Wednesday that I no longer feel like I'm starving to death 24/7. I was always so hungry, I'd bring enough food to work a day to feed a family for a week. I'm now 13 1/2 weeks and just like that, I can now go back down to 3 meals a day. Not 3 meals an hour. Give it time you will feel much better!
hopeks27 responded:
It is so good to hear everyone else being so hungry! I am 6wks and eating 6-7 times aday and feel like I need to add one more in the morning because I am starving by 11am! I so not want to eat this much because I am already a little over weight and do not want to gain much more than is needed! I guess if I eat healthy snacks and regular healthy meals all should be okay though!!

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