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Not hungry
jenfur79 posted:
I am 5 weeks and just not hungry anymore. When i eat I just can't stand to eat very much b/c i start to feel sick. I have lost 4lbs since Saturday, very odd. I was on weight watchers right before this trying to lose the last 10lbs from having DS, but of course I am not doing that now and just eating whatever I feel like and I still lost. Has any one else lost weight with out it being from throwing up cuz I havent gotten sick yet.
Grace22282 responded:
I am right there with you. I've been nauseaus just about all day long for the last 3 weeks, but the last two days have gotten better. I have to make myself eat because nothing really appeals to me right now. As soon as I feel hungry and try to eat I feel sick. Haven't actually thrown up but have really felt like I could. This is my first pregnancy so I'm hoping I'm almost over this. However the last time I went to the Dr I had gained about 4 pounds, of course my bladder was absolutly full, so I don't think I have a real sense of my weight at the moment. I'm already overweight for my height and build, so I have to be really carefully not to gain too much.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
That happened to me during two of my pregnancies. The four pounds is likely partially water weight. Be sure you are staying hydrated even though you might not feel like drinking because you feel so icky.
jenfur79 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks for your replies. I am trying really hard to drink water but like you said its hard to. With DS I didn't feel like this. I was hungry and eating all the time. thanks
belle9164 responded:
I didn't really feel all that hungry at first. If I did eat it was usually less than what I use to eat, but since last week I am always hungry. I am 11 weeks now and I can't seem to eat enough! I haven't gain or lost any weight so that is a good thing, but I'm sure that will be changing soon. I can't keep eating all the time without putting on some weight. Also I didn't really get sick I just wasn't as hungry.

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