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jenfur79 posted:
I don't know why I am worrying so much this pregnancy but I am. I have my 3rd HCG blood draw tomorrow so I really hope my number are good enough and they can do an u/s so I can see this little beans heart beat already. I have 2 other kids and no history of m/c but I am so afraid of m/c this time and I don't know why. Any one else have that fear?

Me-30 DH-34 DD-10 DS-20months Due Date-12/24/2010
roni090909 responded:
I do. And I think alot of it has to do with this board. I love this board and all but you hear about all the m/c. It really makes you think because alot of women experience them. When you read about it almost daily, you see how common it really is.

GL tomorrow. I hope you get to see your little bean tomorrow.
Jacque72903 replied to roni090909's response:
I agree with you, I think the boards don't really help the fear of m/c. I wasn't on here with ds until 2nd tri, so I never saw those posts. It really does make you think, I can't even imagine how I would deal with it personally.
KTPMaryland replied to Jacque72903's response:
I totally agree! I am so paranoid about it, especially after reading everyone else's experiences and the symptoms leading up to it. I wish I could be blissfully ignorant.

All I try to do is be grateful for every day farther along I means I am that much less likely to mc - at least in my reasoning, lol.

Can't wait to get to the second tri...and then a whole new set of worries will set in :)
mamatobe08 replied to roni090909's response:
Totally. I'm the same way this time around. I think it's the board, as well as the fact that I have a perfectly healthy little boy who never had any issues, and I fear that I just can't get that lucky again. I'm trying to keep my faith though and remember that I have no reason to think that way. Every day I feel sick, I hate it, but I also embrace it because it helps remind me my hormones are still doing something wacky in there! :)

Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure it will all be fine. Let us know if you get to see itty bitty baby!
jenfur79 responded:
Yes I contribute my fears to the board as well. It scares me ti see all the m/c posts. With DD I was 19 and let me tell you ignorance is total bliss! I had no worries or concerns, then with DS, the internet can be more bad than good sometimes with how much info is at your finger tips. I am glad I am not the only one that is feeling like this. I stopped going on the TTC boards when we were trying b/c those stressed me out even more lol. With my DS I didn't come to these boards till I was almost in my 2nd tri so I didnt read any m/c posts. I am trying to relax and know everything is going to be okay. Thanks for listening ladies! I am glad I have you for the next 9 months and beyond! :)
nnegron1 responded:
I am in complete agreement with you. I had no problems with my first pregnancy, have never had any m/c, and yet I am so nervous with this pregnancy and I am not sure why. I think it could be because of these boards and then all I have been hearing lately is sad things about people who have lost. I think it really sets the paranoia and it doesn't help that I have to wait another four weeks before knowing everything is ok. It probably is, but because of all this worrying, it's hard to remember that.
michelleloehr replied to nnegron1's response:
i had an m/c in janurary and i'll be honest some days my fear and worry are almost paralyzing. from week 4-7 I didn't want to use the restroom for fear that i'd see spotting. I did see spotting week 10 and had a complete breakdown. My doctor checked me out and the baby was fine but the worry came back full force. i don't think i'll calm down until i can feel him/her moving around in there (but i'm sure that will give me a whole new set of worries)
sliverfroggy responded:
Yes I am right there with you. I had a m/c the first time I got pregnant. I would not have even known I was pregnant if I had waited to take a test cause the next morning I m/c. It was a chemical pregnancy. After that 6 months later I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy. Now I am pregnant again and I am so sacred of a m/c. I really have no reason to think cause I haven't had any issues but I too contributed my fears to these boards. We read all about everyone's m/c and it makes you think. The problem is we don't know any medical information of these people we read about so we have no idea why it happened. I am just checking the days off until 5/28. Thats when I get to see this little bean. I am hoping I will get to hear the heartbeat before that on my doppler but we shall see. H&H 9 months to all!!

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