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    showing already
    hopeks27 posted:
    Hello Ladies,
    this is my second child but it has been 5yrs since my last pregnancy. I am slightly overwieght.
    My question to anyone who can answer is can I be showing at 9wks? Like I said I am overwieght but most my jeans are just to tight to wear and my stomach is solid feeling. I can not suck my gut in as far as I always have been able to. I feel like such a dork thinking I am showing this early but even my husband says he can tell. Plus I have already gone up one cup size. Is this normal? PLEASE if anyone can shed some light!
    truewyatt responded:
    I was told that you could start showing early in your pregnancy after your 1st baby. So it is possible to start showing.
    Jacque72903 responded:
    I am the exact same way. I was pregnant 2 1/2 yrs ago and about 7 or 8 weeks my pants just weren't buttoning anymore. I had kept most of my preggo clothes so I had some to transition to. But I ended up going ahead and getting what I needed because there was just no way I was gonna be uncomfortable in my clothes at the same time I was throwing up from m/s. And my stomach is already tight too. I was telling dh last night I wanted to lay on my tummy, but couldn't cause I felt like I was squishing the baby!!! lol I think everything happens a little sooner the 2nd and times around.
    nnegron1 responded:
    This is my second baby and I'm overweight too, but my jeans have already gotten too tight and I'm already into maternity pants. I always had a stomach (from my first baby it never went away) but now it is actually rounded and sticking out. I thought this was weird since I'm only 8 weeks along, but my stepmom said with your second baby you're already stretched out more than the first so you start showing faster and you gain weight quicker.
    michelleloehr replied to nnegron1's response:
    this is my first and i started wearing materinity pants last week (week 11) because my clothes had reached the point where they were uncomfortably tight. When I'm wearing clothes you can't tell anything but in the mirror i can start to see a little bulge but my stomach hasn't firmed yet because I can still suck my gut in.
    BelleMorte08 responded:
    I am very overweight (5'3 and 250lbs) and started wearing maternity pants at 11weeks, after living in sweat pants for at least 2 if not 3 weeks just because my jeans were too tight. I bought a larger bra at 6 weeks and now at 12 weeks its too tight, and this is my first.

    According to my OB, I have lost 2.5 lbs, but am firming up and rounding out REALLY quickly. My husband and my mother say they can tell, but no one else has really noticed. I'm on my First.

    My guess is, it is very possible to be showing already.
    hopeks27 responded:
    Thank you everyone sooo much. I was really starting to worry that something was wrong with me. You all made me feel much more comfy with my own body!

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