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Anyone had a negative blood test around 14 DPO and found out you were actually preggie?
mrsjerome posted:
Hi everyone, new here, here is my situation, sorry for the length I think details are important for a question like this lol.

I had preggie symptoms starting about a week after ovulation which was on the April the 11th or 12th (so symptoms about 17th/18th). Fatigue (still have), horribly tender breasts and nipples (went away), breasts and nipples bigger (still are) blue veins across breasts (still there and growing) frequent urination (even after I cut caffeine from diet but has been slowly decreasing in frequency), mild cramping (very random now, more like weird pelvic floor twinges) acne breakout (still have), was constipated (has since turned into diarrhea or loose stools), and a very very dull mild lowerback ache and also my resting heartrate went from being in the high 50s to low/mid 60s and now its been in the 70's 80's and even high 90s with my blood pressure still the same and sometimes lower than normal!!![br>[br>I had spotting a day before and the day I was due my period (light tan stringy CM on Thurs the 22nd and then a glob of darker brown CM on Fri 23rd) and then nothing until Sunday when I bleed dark red/brown all day and then it just stopped and Ive had nothing since then except after we had sex last night I woke up to some more of the tan/pale pink stringy CM only when I wiped twice today. [br>[br>I had a blood test done Monday the 26th but it came back negative (I think they just did a is the HCG there or not kinda test not actual numbers). Is it possible it was just too early and I havent started really producing HCG enough for it to pick up? [br>[br>I just dont think it was a normal period and Im always totally regular and never even a day late and I dont see why my boobs would have the veins appear suddenly if Im not preggie and have the heartrate higher when my diet hasnt changed at all. [br>[br>Has anyone tested later like that and gotten a negative only to test a week or so later and get a positive?? Any ideas or personal experiences with negative blood tests but later finding out your preggie would be great! Thanks so much ladies!!

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ElanaK responded:
Unfortunately, if your blood test is negative at 14DPO then you are probably not pregnant. Almost all pregnancy symptoms can also be present when your pre-menstrual, and with symptoms beginning over a week ago for you, a blood test at 14DPO would be clearly positive (or negative). The average hCG level at 14DPO is over 100, which is more than enough for even a qualitative blood test to be positive. In any case, I wish I had better news for you.
mrsjerome replied to ElanaK's response:
I actually realized that I might have miscalculated my dates so I would have only been 12 DPO when I had that blood test done. So maybe it was too early to test as I only implanted the weekend before I think. Any ideas?
ElanaK replied to mrsjerome's response:
12 DPO is a bit iffier, especially if they only did a qualitative (simple yes/no test), because different labs have different cutoffs for what they consider to be pregnant. I'd say if you don't get a normal period when you're expecting it to do a HPT and ask for a quantitative blood test. Good luck!!!

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