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lovemybabies posted:
Ok, this is technically my 5th pregnancy, though I miscarried last year. I am 8 weeks and 5 days and everything seems fine, so it looks like I will be delivering #4. HOWEVER.....I do NOT remember the nausea being this bad ever! Does anyone have any advice? It is so bad that I feel like I'm new at this. I am at a loss as to what to do.
mommie2sweetpea responded:
For me slowly sipping a diet coke helps. I KNOW this is bad(drinking soda), but the "fizziness" helped settle by stomach. My dr said it was okay(of course in moderation.) Crackers also helped me too! Hope this helps.
Nykole83 replied to mommie2sweetpea's response:
I have been having really really bad M/S also. Someone told me to eat Ginger Snap cookies, which surprisingly help ALOT! Also, lemon candies I was told but I havent tried them yet because the cookies have been working so well for me. Good Luck!
MizzCoreta26 responded:
chewing any kind of minty gum has helped me with any nausea I've had so far, Good Luck!
redmom23 responded:
I've been sipping diet gingerale which helps tremendously. As there is no caffein it's not as bad as cola and I don't feel too guilty. When I'm at a restaurant I'll go for diet coke as gingerale is usually not available. Both help, but the gingerale is the best. I keep gingersnaps around, they help, but not like the soda. Mint doesn't seem to have any real affect on my nausea. Also, I try to snack throughout the day as the nausea gets much worse if my stomach gets empty. Cucumber generally goes down well, salads in general too. I hope you find something that helps so you can eat and feed the baby.
nnegron1 responded:
I've been having really bad nausea too. I found that peppermint tea, or any tea with mint in it (which is usually decaf) really helps. Gingerale helped me for a while until I drank it so much that I literally got sick off of it. I read up on caffeine and it is ok in moderation (no more than 12oz of soda or something) and have found that having a soda or some black tea helps with the headaches that have accompanied this pregnancy. Gingersnaps I hear are really helpful as well.

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