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Names Yet?
MizzCoreta26 posted:
Anyone else have their names picked out yet? Me and hubby always jump the gun lol, I think we had Cole's name picked out within a couple of weeks after I found out that I was pregnant. This time we have Bailey Rose for a girl and Easton Thomas for a boy. Anyone else have theirs yet??
Mandybee53 responded:
Yea I'm only 9 weeks and so far we have Elijah Robert for a boy and Noelle Leigh for a girl. Still figuring it out though. It's going to be a halfie baby (half black/ half white) so a lot of names my family would want traditionally are very different from the names his family would pick out.
hdfields responded:
We have had our names since last year when we started TTC. Our boy name is Langston James and girl name is Sophee Rose.

jen93727 responded:
Well, I'm going on 13 weeks tomorrow and we aren't set yet but were looking at:

Zoey Calle Rosalie for a girl


Richard Jonathon James for a boy

We will decide on June 28th when I have my u/s and we finally find out if where having a boy or girl...*thinking pink*
Emmyl replied to jen93727's response:
Zoey is my girl's name too! I love the meaning of it: "Life" or "Life giving woman". I haven't settled on a middle name yet. All I've got so far is Lynn. Zoey Lynn.

for a boy I like Max William, or Todd Mason. But I'm not completely sure about either of those yet.

I keep saying "I" and "Me" because my husband just cannot make himself get serious about names. he says he wants to name a boy "Curly". And numerous other stupid ideas. I told him he's been fired from picking out a name. lol
Chocolatemoca responded:
My DH and I have had a boy's name picked out since we got married 7 yrs ago. The girls name we settled on a couple weeks ago.

Boy's name: Nathan Aiden
Girl's name: Meagan Riley or Megan Rielly
jessica5289 replied to Chocolatemoca's response:
Brystol Lynn We know it's a girl. Our boy name wasn't really my favorite but was Braiden Riley.
footballmom44 responded:
I am 9 weeks today...and have no idea of names. I kinda like "Lake" for boy or girl. We have not discussed names yet, this is #4 so I am running out of names that I like.
nnegron1 responded:
I'm 12 weeks today and if we have a girl we like the name Madeline Eve or I live Penelope Grace. I like older, original sounding names. We are having issues on boy names though. I like Isaiah for a boy, but he likes Alexander, and I do not really like that name. One name we agreed on was Phillip Alexander, but I'm not crazy about that name either. Why are boys name so much harder it seems?
chaquita1230 responded:
Boy is easy - Jackson Douglas after both great grandpa'"s. Girls is a lil harder. top choices right now are Victoria, Amelia, Sophia. Charlotte is the middle name for sure.
chaquita1230 replied to hdfields's response:
Funny, our last name is Rose and sphia is in the top three of our choices.
hdfields replied to chaquita1230's response:
That is too funny! Yeah we went back and forth between Sophia or Sophee. We like Sophee best.
Nykole83 replied to hdfields's response:
Im 8 weeks and we have just come up with names for our baby. My DD is named after Bob Marley, her name is Marlie Nykole. So we are keeping the theme going for all our kids.....So if its a boy my DB picked Whailer (dont have a middle name yet) and for a girl her name is going to be
Kaya Marie. : )
jenfur79 replied to hdfields's response:
I am 8 weeks and we had names picked out from when we were having DS, but we now had to pick a new boy name since we used it with him.

Girl is Danika Noel -Noel is my middle name since I was born around xmas and this one will be too

Boy will possibly be Cole or Coda Robert- Robert is a family name
MizzCoreta26 replied to Emmyl's response:
that is too funny! my husband and his dad have talked at great lengths about a boys name and their like random ones like truck or maximus oh and of course all the baseball names like babe or hank lol

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